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Key UK Resources

Key resources for gene and cell therapy developers in the UK context are listed here:


MHRA Resources

Key resources for gene and cell therapy developers in the UK context from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

CGT Catapult

New guidance on the development and marketing of ATMPs in the UK and EU in the post-BREXIT landscape

Guide published by UK Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult). Follow the link below to read this guide and more resources by CGT Catapult:



ABPI published a roadmap for ATMPs in UK, setting out key steps from non-clinical research through patient treatment & monitoring.

attc manufacturing toolkit

ATTC Manufacturing and Preparation Toolkit

The Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres (ATTC) developed the Manufacturing and Preparation Toolkit to provide expert guidelines for manufacturing ATMPs. Learn more about this toolkit and additional resources developed by ATTC:

NIHR logo

NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit

NIHR's interactive routemap to help understand the UK Clinical Trial Regulations 


UKRI Medimap: End-to-end medicines supply chain

UKRI's interactive reference tool for the UK medicines sector, mapping and categorising organisations engaged in or supporting the end-to-end supply chain for medicines.

Health Funding Map

UKRI Health Funding Map

An interactive tool to help navigating health innovation fundings

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