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These educational resources have been gathered from around the EuroGCT partnership and beyond. This directory is intended to support educators and independent learners. The resources here are suitable for a range of audiences, from primary-school students to adult learners.

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Policy Issues in Genomics

  • National Human Genome Research Institute
These resources developed by NHGRI encourage learners to consider the ethical, legal, and social aspect of genomics research. These factsheets discuss genetics, gene therapy, and ethics.

Online Academic Education Course: European Joint Programme on Rare Disease

  • European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases
EJP RD has developed on educational academic course on multidisciplinary aspects of rare disease in order to better inform and train the rare disease community, as well as increase awareness and interest on rare disease research from students. They provide online courses, videos and factsheets, on the topics of genetics and gene therapy.

National Human Genome Research Institute: Education Resources

  • National Human Genome Research Institute
These educational resources are intended to spark scientific curiosity, improve genomic literacy and foster engagement among learners. These activities, lesson plans, and games cover genetics and ethics.


    The Genetic Science Learning Centre creats educational materials which are multimedia-rich, interactive, inquiry-based, and learner-focused. They offer factsheets and games for primary and secondary school students, on the topics of genetics, gene therapy, stem cells, and ethics.

    Hope Beyond Hype

    • EuroStemCell
    This comic-book provides a realistic and accurate introduction to the complex process of developing best practice clinical stem cell-based treatments, in an interesting and engaging way.

    Genomics Glossary

    • NHS Genomics Education Project
    A glossary of terms relating to gene and cell therapies, developed by the United Kingdom's National Health Service.

    Genomics Education Resource Centre (GenomeEd)

    • National Human Genome Research Institute
    GenomeEd is a free repository of high-quality genomics educational resources for group instruction or self-directed learning by healthcare professionals and educators. These online courses for adults cover genetics, gene therapy, and ethics.

    Genome: Unlocking Life's Code

    • Unlocking Life's Code
    "Genome: Unlocking Life's Code" is a collaboration between the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Here you will find activities, lesson plans, videos, supplemental resources, debates, and factsheets on the topics of genetics, gene therapy, and ethics.

    Genome Gallery: Exhibitions

      The Genome Gallery is the Wellcome Genome Campus’ exhibition space. Online exhibitions encourage viewers to engage with social issues surrounding the study of the human genome.
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