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About EuroGCT

Logo of EuroGCTEuroGCT is here to help make sense of gene and cell therapy - from science in the lab to treatments for patients.

The European Consortium for Communicating Gene and Cell Therapy Information (EuroGCT) brings together 47 partner organisations and institutions across Europe with a goal of providing reliable and accessible information about the use of cells and genetic material to treat disease.

EuroGCT’s two major objectives are:

  • To provide patients, people affected by conditions, healthcare professionals, and citizens with accurate scientific, legal, ethical, and societal information related to cell and gene-based therapies.
  • To provide the research community with an information source on the practical steps needed for cell and gene therapy development.

The consortium comprises leading cell and gene therapy research labs across Europe working together with product developers, ethicists, lawyers, social scientists, patient representatives, and science communicators. 

We work closely with educators, policymakers and people affected by conditions to foster engagement and develop material that meets their needs.

Our volunteers

Information available on our website was written, reviewed and translated by scientific experts and postgraduate students. They generously offer their time out of busy schedules to develop accessible and reliable information about gene and cell therapy development across multiple diseases, as well as related legal processes and scientific challenges. Their work enables the resources on our website to be published in seven languages. EuroGCT would like to thank them for involvement in delivering the information available across our website.

Individual acknowledgements are available across factsheets, resource pages, research pathway articles and their translations.  

Our Team

Portrait of Clare Blackburn

Clare Blackburn

Project Coordinator Read more
Portrait of Anna Couturier

Anna Couturier

Head - Research, Development, and Strategy Read more
Aurélie Mahalatchimy portrait

Aurélie Mahalatchimy

Deputy Coordinator Read more
portrait of Hsin-Yu Kuo

Hsin-Yu Kuo

Project Manager - Research Information and Networks Read more
Portrait of Jennifer Lorigan

Jennifer Lorigan

Information Officer - Gene and Cell Therapy Read more
portrait of Luc-Sylvain Gilbert

Luc-Sylvain Gilbert

Information Officer - Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues Read more
Auxane Delage portrait

Auxane Delage

Information Officer - Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues Read more

Our Partners

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