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Educational Resources Directory

These educational resources have been gathered from around the EuroGCT partnership and beyond. This directory is intended to support educators and independent learners. The resources here are suitable for a range of audiences, from primary-school students to adult learners.

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Stem Cell Evidence Library

  • NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative

Genetics Shambles

    Genetics Shambles is a podcast developed by Genetics Society UK. It focuses on the work of some of today's leading scientists and features in-depth discussions from the world of genetics.

    Dish Life

      In Dish Life: The Game, experience the life of a stem cell researcher by managing the daily life of a laboratory and growing your very own stem cells.


      • Zooniverse
      Zooniverse houses a range of citizen science projects, includining research projects in genetics and cell biology.

      Your DNA, Your Say

      • Wellcome Connecting Science
      The ‘Your DNA, Your Say’ project is a citizen science project surveying public attitudes towards genomic data sharing, as well as offering informative videos.

      Understanding Stem Cells

      • German Stem Cell Network
      This series of lessons provides teachers with fact-tested knowledge about stem cells. The freely usable material allows high school students to engage with current research in stem cell research and therapies.

      The DNA School

      • Genethon
      The DNA School aims to inform a broad audience about “DNA science” which evolves particularly quickly, and to support learners with a vocational interest.


      • Genetic Science Learning Centre
      The Genetic Science Learning Centre has developed a range of resources to support educators in bringing genetics, biosciences, and health sciences alive in the classroom. These supplemental resources and lesson plans include genetics, gene therapies, stem cells, and ethics.

      Start With A Stem Cell

        Designed to support scientists at outreach events, this highly interactive and engaging set of resources provides activities for all ages to learn about stem cells. Here you will find electronic copies of the materials and the guidance notes to go with them.