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Educational Resources Directory

These educational resources have been gathered from around the EuroGCT partnership and beyond. This directory is intended to support educators and independent learners. The resources here are suitable for a range of audiences, from primary-school students to adult learners.

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  • Innovative Genomics Institute
CRISPRpedia is a free, textbook-style resource that explains and illustrates all things CRISPR.

British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy: Educational resources

  • British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy
The British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy offers resources to complement biology lessons for primary and secondary school students.

A Stem Cell Story

    An award-winning introduction to the world of stem cell research. Innovative hand-drawn animation, beautiful cell photography and documentary interviews capture the fascination and complexity of this cutting-edge area of science.

    21st Century Biochallenges

    • Royal Society of Biology
    The 21st Century BioChallenges resources have been developed to facilitate engagement with current issues in biochemistry, focusing particularly on topics related to health and food security. These activities, lesson plans, and games cover the topics of genetics, stem cells, and ethics.