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Dish Life - The Game

Your very own stem cell lab right in your pocket.

In Dish Life: The Game, experience the life of a stem cell researcher by managing the daily life of a laboratory and growing your very own stem cells. Manage your laboratory and nurture your stem cells to become a celebrated stem cell scientist. Come face to face with issues that stem cell scientists deal with daily; politics, social issues and staff problems are just a few of the types of dilemmas you’ll have to deal with in Dish Life.

Dish Life: The Game aims to educate and inform players of both the scientific processes of stem cell science as well as address the wider issues and misconceptions that are associated with stem cell research. This game is produced by the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) and Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge, with the support of the Wellcome Trust and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Available for free on iOS, Android, and Steam.

 Cells in a dish

Dish Life short

Dish Life - The Game is based on an award-winning short film. Watch it here!

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