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Discover Gene and Cell Therapy


The science behind gene and cell therapy is both fascinating and complex. This section seeks to provide reliable, expert-reviewed information on basic science and the latest research in a way that is accessible to the general public. Through increasing awareness and understanding, we hope to support individuals in making informed decisions in areas impacted by developments in the field. We also introduce some of the ethical and societal complexities surrounding the science and discuss ways of getting involved at all stages of research.

Cell and Gene Fundamentals

Cell and Gene Fundamentals

Find information about genetics and the biology of stem cells
Methods and tools

Methods and Tools

Find information about how researchers investigate disorders and new therapies
Current and Potential Uses

Current and Potential Uses

Find information about currently approved gene and cell therapies, as well as ongoing research
Ethics and Society icon

Ethics and Society

Find information about the ongoing discussion of the societal impact of gene and cell therapies

Clinical Trials and Patient Participation

Clinical trials are an essential part of the therapy development process and rely on patient participants. There are many factors to be taken into consideration to ensure the decision to participate is right for you and your family. This section provides more information on clinical trials as well as other ways patients and members of the public can contribute to cell and gene therapy research and development.

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